7/22/21 pretzels – insane day

by | Jul 23, 2021

Today I finished the final exam of my entire life – I am completely done. I decided to head to the city to celebrate with a meal and also hand out some food. Shortly after handing out some pretzels, I noticed the homeless people running towards something. I looked over and noticed one homeless person with a machete swinging it at another homeless person who was using pepper spray to defend himself. During this incident, a homeless woman nearby was screaming for them to stop and was also screaming for help. I could see at least 2 people nearby calling the police. This could have occurred over pretty much anything, and really showed me a glimpse into the reality of the situation. Homelessness is not “people being lazy” as some critics online say. They live in an extremely dangerous and volatile situation/environment and each day is truly something they have to fight for. I’m glad to have provided at least a little comfort today.

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