Philadelphia day 1

by | Apr 29, 2019

So today is my final day of taking any school classes in my life. As an older student, this is not something I take lightly. What better way to celebrate than to help people out?

I think that one personal philosophy of mine is that the thing that makes us most human is doing the unnecessary. I’ve seen fully grown adults forget this and basically become insects focusing on survival and reproduction alone. There is something extremely sad about that.

Things I learned from today –

  1. Finding the homeless people first is always the best use of time. No use in buying food that will not be eaten.
  2. Parking in Philadelphia sucks. The reason why you see McDonalds in this instead of hoagies is that I couldn’t even find a good place like wawa available anywhere near with parking. Drive through for today – and buying from NJ before I go to Philly next time.
  3. Homeless people sometimes aren’t in the best of health – this means that when I do find them, I sometimes have to stop traffic and run out of my car to give them the meal. I don’t want to disrupt traffic like that, but today was an exception because I didn’t realize how horrendous the parking would be.
  4. I still have to decide what the best way to distribute food is. Today I decided to help 4 people with enough food for the whole day for each. But maybe if there are more people, I’d have to spread it thinner among them.

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