Philadelphia day 6 – HALAL TRUCK

by | May 20, 2019

This past week, I began my rotations. It is time consuming but sometimes we are let out early. Today was one of those days – so I decided to go out again and help the homeless. I went to the halal truck because it is fairly priced, and they give huge portions. AND it comes with a drink. (also I like supporting local businesses like this)

Finding homeless people around the area is NOT easy sometimes. I actually ran into one of the homeless people I helped a while ago again – so he was happy to see that I had something for him once more. I had to drive around and finally found another homeless person walking around. I told the truck owner about my project and he was happy to endorse it – even offered me a free meal but I declined. Something I noticed today was that one of the homeless guys asked me for money even after I gave them this food. This just reinforces the notion that giving them help in the form of necessities ensures that they are being protected even from themselves (especially in the face of severe addiction).

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