Starting off

by | Apr 29, 2019

I am not a stranger to helping out those in need, but today I decided to create this site to make it easier for everybody to participate.

I have lived in some very bad areas as well as have had several close friends/loved ones go through homelessness and poverty. It is not an easy journey, but even the smallest act of kindness can sometimes result in something truly amazing.

The crypto community is an interesting one, since we’ve never had anything like this before. I believe that right now, adoption is a problem and this may be a good way to get cryptocurrencies exposure. Also, my intention for this was to just start very small and go from there. Sandwiches/hoagies and water will be the primary goods provided to the homeless! Philadelphia first! And then there are plans to expand this asap.

btc: 3Cdp95cJ2gWTfoH7ydszwxRztPRWgJhxJT
bch: qr0g850dfthha5v2fatmfvvmkz2nmwjqpgnfz0kywr
doge: DDBHNdxmdZ2QXfDBdY1nC7CTUw4y1kz1uf
ltc: MM26USuiX7WUkD1EaV3peKVdsvM7YrDFFJ
zec: t1PGRsvYRCYC3u7WF3GcfgmCaUNnFFwcF6V
eth: 0xdb50c8e8a69d7baa3abab95107db1d315c84a8ca
monero: 447u6QpZgrUN6H4s3vsZ9mRfJ88ZMmEsWKxToNuUYe5DcgKsRjZyK49N7y3A6McE9MaEyX4y5bd7yPfLgWcvAatPKGr51Vm
garlicoin: grlc1q9wr4de97405genpp3g4vw62ete4nl05ju47pfg

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