The Books

by | Feb 28, 2023

“The Books”

The Books is the public ledger of the organization. This page serves as a public record of all gifts and expenditures made to/by Crypto for the Homeless. The Books are located online as a Google sheet. Visit the Books by clicking the button below.

About The Books

To ensure openness, we keep a public ledger of all donations and expenditures to the organization, which we call “The Books”. The Books are linked on our web pages, articles, and FAQ pages. It comes in the form of a Google Spreadsheet, which is hosted online. 

Crypto For The Homeless is the name of this crowdsourcing initiative. This suggests that donations are gathered online and then used to pay for food, care packages, and other requirements for the homeless and underprivileged in a particular area of the world.

We maintain an open ledger, which we refer to as “The Books” of all donations and expenditures made to the organization in order to ensure transparency.

Whenever the organization receives a donation, it is immediately recorded publicly, and the funds are set for spending on future handouts and/or volunteer reimbursements.

All statistics and information can be seen in the organization’s public ledger, which includes a history of all donations received and spending over time.

Data at a Glance located in The Books!

The Books [extras]!

Data at a Glance is a collection of charts and graphs designed on Tableau for data analytics.

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