Volunteer Reimbursement Process Revisited

by | Aug 22, 2022

Reimbursement Process Revisited

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The purpose of this post was to showcase a little about how the reimbursement process works, using business process diagrams, with the goal of helping our readers understand what is happening when volunteers get refunded for their approved work.

Whenever a volunteer decides to do selfless service on behalf of Crypto for the Homeless, the volunteer will buy supplies or food for members of the community in need. The volunteer will personally deliver the supplies and document their experience. Once the request is made, CFTHL can reimburse the volunteer in the volunteer’s preferred currency using volunteer proof-of-work. The amount reimbursed is deducted and recorded in the organization’s public books after the volunteer receives their funds.



The process model below depicts the interaction between a Volunteer and the Crypto for the Homeless organization during the volunteer reimbursement process.

Process Model showing activities and interactions between a Volunteer and the CFTHL entity during reimbursement.


The Volunteer and CFTHL entity are placed within their own pools, and the communication between the pools is represented by the message flow, which are the dashed lines running between the activities.


The Volunteer entity is the person who visits the organization’s website, decides to volunteer, and makes a claim for reimbursement after work, from the Crypto for the Homeless organization.

Crypto For The homeless

The Crypto for the Homeless entity is the organization that processes and validates volunteers’ work and reimburses volunteers.

Sample Interaction

A sample collaboration of the interactions between a Volunteer entity and the Crypto for the Homeless entity is as shown below.


The Volunteer accesses the organization’s website & applies to work.
Crypto for the Homeless displays the website and its contents.


The Volunteer completes their mission by purchasing food & goods for the homeless and needy persons in their community and delivers those goods by hand.


The Volunteer completes their volunteer form and uploads all proof of work.


The CFTHL team will check the volunteer-provided footage for accuracy and criteria before approving the work for reimbursement.


Crypto for the Homeless settles the reimbursement, records the deduction in The Books*, and confirms the refund to the volunteer. The Volunteer receives their refund.


Crypto for the Homeless updates it’s content.

[*] The Books is the document where Crypto for the Homeless publicly records its donations and spending. The Flyer is used by volunteers to spread awareness and proof of work!

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